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In case of a storm

Please do what you can to secure the furniture on the decks. Bring in the cushions to keep them dry and safe from blowing away. You can stack the cushions next to the fireplace.

Stacking the cushions

The Shade Sail

The shade sail is held in place with four turnbuckles that control the tension of the sail. The sail is in place to provide relief from the hot afternoon sun. If you would like to remove it for any reason, please take care to keep all of the parts in place for the next tenants. To remove, turn each of the turnbuckle nuts to loosen each corner until you can unhook the sail. * The turnbuckle is designed with two bolts having opposite threads so that turning the nut will loosen or tighten both nuts at one time. After loosening to remove the sail, please tighten the turnbuckles to prevent the parts from coming loose and falling off. See how a turnbuckle works.

Local Services

The boardwalk and downtown areas of Ocean City are chock full of shops, restaurants, and activities to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Our location provides access to virtually any activity or cuisine you are looking for. WAWA and Boyers offer quick meals and/or ingredients that you might need in a pinch. Of course for groceries, there are two ACME markets on the island, one at eighth and West Ave. and one at thirty-fourth and Bay Ave. The Wallgreens at fourteenth and West Ave. is convienient for your pharmacy needs.